5 Tips for Maintaining Weight Loss that you didn’t know about

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Maintaining weight loss can be just as challenging as losing it for many of us. One of the keys to preventing re-gaining all those pounds is how you lost it. You know one of the drawbacks to fad dieting is all that weight tends to come back with a fierce vengeance.

Here are some iron-clad tips to keep your new found figure slim and trim.


Tip #1: Plan your eating throughout the day at least with a little organization. It’s true that many of us are challenged with being organized. Do the best you can to avoid spur-of-the-moment snacking.

This can be as simple as eating low-calorie foods during the day while at work. If you do not work, or can do this at work, then include small healthy meals. This is about satisfying your hunger without taking in too many calories or fattening foods.

Tip #2: Get creative with drinks as a way of augmenting healthy snacks or as a standalone. Let’s face it, water is boring and can try the patience of most of us. You can try adding fruit to water such as lemon, for example. But what if you hate lemon?

OK, lemon is not for everyone. In that case, then make smoothies out of low-calorie ingredients. The web is over-flowing with diet recipes for smoothies. And they will definitely give you a fuller feeling than water.


Tip #3: If you are agreeable to diet supplements, then consider reducing your appetite with natural weight loss supplements . This approach is not always long-term solution; however, they can be used as a stop-gap technique to help with new eating habits.

Tip #4: Be mindful about alcohol consumption. We’re all familiar with the beer gut and why it happens. Yes, alcohol is fattening because you get lots of calories without any benefits of (meaningful) nutrition. The amount of calories from alcohol is based on the alcohol content.

Beer, most peoples’ favorite, gives you a little over 150 calories per 12 ounces. For the same amount of lite beer, there are about 100 calories per serving. Now, just 3 measly servings of full-strength beer are over 450 calories. Add the food you had that day and that’s a lot of calories.

Tip #5: Get and stay active, even a little bit. If you want to keep those pounds off you worked so hard to lose, then invest in yourself. There are so many types of physical activity that there has to be something for you.


Can you do something for 1 hour a day? The goal for weight loss is about 5 hours a week. Of course that will help you maintain the weight you lost. Even 30 minutes a day of walking will help.

Many people give-up on dieting and exercising because they become miserable with what they’re doing. Experts all agree that success depends largely on finding what works for you. If you are unhappy with jogging, and many of us are, then try walking.

Keep trying and experimenting with sensible strategies until you find something you genuinely enjoy. And remember that physical activity with a friend or group works great for many people.

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