Organic Yacon Syrup – Nature’s Natural Sugar from the Andes Mountains

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Would you have ever thought there’s a sugar your body cannot absorb?

Just think about what that means. Organic Yacon syrup contains a type of sugar that will hardly put the slightest dent in your blood sugar. Yacon root syrup will not have much of an effect on your glucose tolerance curve – great news.

Plus, it scores much less on the glycemic index than maple syrup or honey. Along with all that, this Fructooligosaccharide “sugar” is also naturally low in calories.


It’s a win-win and it gets even better.

Yacon root is many things, among them it’s an excellent prebiotic. Avoid confusing the terms, prebiotic and probiotic.

Prebiotics and Probiotics Explained

Prebiotics are the foodstuffs of bacteria in your gut. And your gut is not your stomach; it’s your gastrointestinal tract. You want to consume various types of fiber-containing foods because they help “keep you cleaned-out.”

The FOS, Fructooligosaccharides, in Yacon root is a soluble fiber – it dissolves into your bloodstream as well. Insoluble fiber does not have that dissolving ability.

So you want to nourish the beneficial, healthy gut bacteria as much as possible. This is important because there’s always a war going-on between harmful and helpful gut bacteria.

And what’s the story about probiotics?

If you eat yogurt, then you’ve seen the marketing-speak about “containing probiotics.” Probiotics are live bacteria and found in dairy products such as yogurt, kefir and also some supplements.


Taking probiotics for specific conditions related to digestion can be tricky. You have to get live bacteria and then they have to pass the digestive gauntlet comprising chiefly of stomach acid. Probiotic bacteria are also heat-sensitive.

Since Yacon syrup is a powerful source of prebiotics, regular use will work wonders for your digestion and elimination patterns. Indeed, one of the most common feedbacks from Yacon root research participants is a marked change in their elimination.

People who participated and were prone to “loose bowels” complained of diarrhea while others reported an increase in gas.

Benefits of a Healthy Digestive System

Nevertheless, making your digestive tract stronger and healthier produces healthy changes throughout your body. Changes include the following: stronger immunity, more energy and the now well-known ability to lose weight.

Taking raw Yacon syrup within an hour of eating will help curb your appetite. Also be sure that you avoid taking it less than 30 minutes before eating. The effect is nothing really new because the fiber in the syrup, FOS, will naturally lead you to want to eat less.

The benefits and effects of taking organic Yacon syrup need some time to become fully expressed. So have some patience and give everything time to bloom.

Before getting started, ponder your eating habits especially with regard to how much fiber you consume each day. If your system is not used to fiber, then take it easy with the Yacon syrup. You know what can happen from the previous discussion related to elimination and gas, etc.

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