The New FDA-Approved Weight Loss Drug – Are Losing 8.4 Pounds per Year Worth The Risks?

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A recent news release about a brand new prescription weight-loss drug, in the US, prompted me to highlight the dangers involved. I am attuned to this because of the all-too-often criticisms of alternative weight-loss products. The new drug is called, … Continued

Clinical Evidence: Raw Yacon Syrup Reverses Obesity, Alleviates Metabolic Disorders and Reduces Major Risk Factors for Heart Disease

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One thing you’ve no doubt noticed about weight loss pills and products is the lack of meaningful scientific research. That’s not the case, though, with raw Yacon syrup and products derived from the Yacon root. Before discussing yacon syrup research … Continued

Phytoceramides Benefits – Research Shows Whole-body Skin Restoration Ability

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Phytoceramides give something back to you that age has slowly claimed: skin hydration. The process is complex and involves replenishing your body with ceramides courtesy of plants. In a moment you’ll read how phytoceramides benefits your skin and therefore the … Continued

White Mulberry Leaf – Antioxidant, Weight Loss, Blood Sugar Support and Nutrition Power all in one?

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White mulberries grow all over the world but their origins are easily traced to China; a country with a historical richness and diversity for herbal medicine. As with so many plants and herbs, the white mulberry plant’s fruit, branches, roots … Continued

Forskolin Side Effects You Should Never Ignore

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There are other plant-derived extracts, just like forskolin, with herbal applications that have been known for hundreds and even thousands of years. The medicinal extract comes from the Coleus forskohlii plant and has been used for various problems: heart-related conditions, lung/respiratory … Continued

White Mulberry Extract for Blood Sugar Management and Weight Loss?

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Shocking numbers in the US; according the National Institute of Health (NIH) – close to 40% of people are obese and nearly 26 million people have diabetes. Of the latter group, approximately 7 million Americans do not know they have … Continued