Powerful Yacon Benefits You Can Enjoy Today

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It wasn’t all that long ago when the weight loss industry was rocked by the fatal effects of ephedra. Ever since, people who want to lose weight have become cautious about supplement ingredients. You must take a close look at the research and satisfy yourself that a product is safe. Luckily, there is ample evidence that Yacon benefits people suffering from an overweight condition – and it is safe.

The weight loss product derived from the Yacon root has a long history of use. The difference is the supplements are an extract from the root. South Americans have eaten the root for centuries and still do.

Pure Yacon extract or organic Yacon syrup help you lose weight by bringing your body and metabolism back to a healthy state. The root contains a type of fiber known as FOS which is Fructooligosaccharide. The Yacon roots are high in FOS and that makes the extract or syrup so effective.

But what does FOS actually do for your metabolism?

Every time you take Yacon root extract or use the syrup to sweeten a drink, you’re feeding the bacteria in your digestive tract. If your diet is poor, then you may experience a short period of adjustment. You may have more frequent bowel movements, for example.

Along with becoming more regular, your system will be ridding itself of accumulated waste and harmful toxins. By doing so and continuing to use Yacon root, your body will slowly return to a normal state.


You will experience an increase in your metabolism. And since FOS is a fiber your body cannot digest, you will tend to eat less, overall. Once your levels of healthy gut bacteria have increased, your body will become more efficient with extracting nutrients.

The overall result of this increase in digestive efficiency is a boost in daily energy levels. The effects of Yacon root are cascading – each benefit causes more improvements.

Are you at risk for diabetes or other metabolic disorders?

Millions of people suffer from diabetes in the US and other highly industrialized nations. And there are untold numbers with the pre-diabetes condition. This condition is partially characterized by insulin resistance and the person has no idea, usually.


Yacon syrup is an excellent choice as an alternative sweetener. FOS is related to sugar but it is not sugar. The syrup has a mildly sweet taste and has no calories. If you’re overweight, you can begin using the syrup and benefit from the FOS you’ll be taking.

You should go slowly in the beginning because you have to give your system time to adjust. This is especially important if your diet is low in fiber. But in time you can increase your intake of either the syrup or the extract supplements.

Learn more about the many Yacon benefits and how you can lose weight safely while making a massive improvement in overall health. Get rid of years of toxic build-up in your system, increase metabolism and have more energy each day.