Premium Garcinia Extract – Who is it for?

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Have you ever stopped and thought about who exactly is targeted in weight loss ads?

It seems that for many years, those ads picture shapely women in bikinis. It’s not necessarily that sex sells in ads for slimming down. But rather the ad creators want overweight women to imagine what they’ll look like.


You can even find similar ads for premium garcinia extract. But just reviewing how garcinia extract works and what it does will convince you that it works great for men, too.

Let’s begin with the natural substance found in pure garcinia cambogia extract – HCA.

Hydroxycitric Acid – HCA

HCA makes everything happen for garcinia. This compound is extracted from the garcinia fruit peel, or rind. The extract of garcinia has several functions and benefits apart from helping you lose weight. But for now, we’ll focus on weight loss benefits.

You can think of HCA as something that biologically “gets in the way” of fat creation.

There are two important enzymes at play here: alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase. The first is made in the pancreas; the second in the intestines or digestive tract. And garcinia extract inhibits the production of both enzymes.

Fine, you say, but what does that have to do with losing weight and fat production?

Inhibiting the two enzymes interferes with, and reduces or inhibits, the metabolism of carbohydrates. You know what happens when you feast on carbs for a length of time and fail to exercise. You gain weight and it’s not muscle mass.

Now, you should realize that other things come into play here with your results.

The amount of carb metabolism inhibition will be affected by how much HCA you’re getting. Other important factors include: your daily diet, what you eat, and also there’s the issue of when you take your garcinia supplement.

Research has shown that HCA is made available in greatest amounts when the extract is taken roughly 30 to 60 minutes before eating. And there’s an important biological process that takes place. It has to do with serotonin levels.

What is Serotonin and What Does it Do for You?

Serotonin is a chemical associated with the brain and is associated with aggression, anxiety, depression, appetite, pain and other states. Much has been discovered about this important brain chemical over decades of research.

A relationship has been identified between serotonin and overall ability to control appetite. HCA stimulates the uptake of serotonin residing within and that’s where the benefit of “appetite suppression” occurs.

What else does increased uptake of serotonin do for you?

You will see marketing materials talking about garcinia extract and enhanced feelings of well-being. And that is the link between garcinia and the reduction of “emotional eating.” No doubt millions of people self-medicate with food when they’re depressed, angry, upset, etc.

Pure garcinia cambogia extract has identical effects for women and men. None of the studies on HCA had any findings that were based on gender. Garcinia works great for men and women.


And keep the following in mind.

You have to give garcinia extract (HCA) time to become established in your system so it can do what it’s supposed to do. And if you want the best results, as fast as possible, then help yourself along the way. How can you help yourself?

Be sure to take your garcinia extract at the right time before eating. Be sure you’re taking a high quality, premium garcinia extract, avoid too many carbohydrates, and eat sensibly.