The Yacon Root Secret Weapon – Fructooligosaccharides

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Scientists say the Yacon root is excellent for the digestive tract, improves metabolism of important vitamins and minerals, plays a role in cancer prevention, and the Yacon leaves prevent blood sugar spikes. Quite an impressive list of benefits, not to mention the root is delicious all by itself.

What makes this plant such a medicinal powerhouse?

If you have been following news in the dieting world, you may have heard about FOS. Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) is the primary active ingredient in the Yacon root. Indeed, this substance exists in amounts ranging from 40% to 50% of the root.

Yes, the root is loaded with sugar, and FOS is “kind of” a sugar but with a huge difference. Oligofructose cannot be metabolized or absorbed by the body.


That fact explains why the root (and syrup) are low in calories and will not raise blood sugar levels. If the body cannot absorb FOS, then what happens?

The FOS (synonymous with Oligofructose) is a wonderful diet for the gut bacteria.

But not all bacteria in your gut (gastrointestinal tract) are good for you. FOS promotes the growth of the good guys in your gut. This friendly bacterium is known as Bifidobacterium and another kind called Lactobacillus.

The friendly bacteria in your gut are extremely important to health. When the populations of healthy bacteria are high, this can lead to a stronger immune system, brain function, weight loss and much more. You can find out more about the benefits of Yacon root.

Separating the Slim and Obese by Gut Bacteria?

What is most interesting is scientific studies have shown a difference in the types of gut bacteria between slim and obese people. That does not prove cause and effect because we all know there are multiple factors associated with losing weight and keeping it off.

In another study, FOS consumed in amounts up to 8 grams a day for two weeks raised Bifidobacteria levels by 10 times. Even though humans cannot digest FOS, the soluble fibers are a treat for healthy gut bacteria.

There is a beneficial by-product and effect that occurs when FOS is digested by bacteria. A metabolite by-product is a type of short-chain fatty acid. This fatty acid is metabolized by cells in the colon and also passes into the bloodstream.


The short-chain fatty acids have shown to have significant anti-obesity effects in animal studies. To date, there are no human studies to strengthen or corroborate this finding.

FOS exists in other plant foods such as garlic, onions, and artichokes and more, however, Yacon root is the Oligofructose powerhouse. This is exactly why Yacon root syrup and extract has such a dramatic effect in the few studies done so far.

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