Using Phytoceramides, Plant Derived and Gluten Free, for Younger Skin without a face lift.

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Heard of the Dr Oz featured Phytoceramides, Plant Derived, but not sure what all the hype is about? In this article we will clear up some misconceptions and tell you how this gluten free supplement can help your skin look younger and more beautiful, without having a face lift… Phytoceramides Capsules

You’ve stared in the mirror at those creeping wrinkles long enough and wondered what can be done.

Of course the best of all worlds is finding something safe and provides long-term results. You should consider phytoceramides, plant-derived Capsules for natural skin restoration.

Any discussion about phytoceramides extract must include mention of ceramides.

Are Phytoceramides  Capsule and Ceramides Important for Younger, Healthier Skin?

Ceramides are essential for properly hydrated, smooth skin you’d expect in those who are young. Ceramides are natural and normal parts of skin. In fact, there are six types of ceramides that are part of the skin. Incidentally, skin is considered the largest organ in the body.

What’s more, ceramides are not just a part of the outer skin layer, the epidermis. There are three layers of skin and the outer layer is the epidermis. This outer layer is made-up of five different layers and ceramides is found in each layer.

New skin cells are created in the innermost epidermal layer and then eventually travel to the outermost epidermal layer. This process of skin cell migration takes about a month.

Now here’s the interesting part of this process.

Most of those outer skin cells are actually dead cells but there’s no need to be alarmed, it’s normal. These mostly dead skin cells protect you by becoming harder and bound to each other.

This layer is protected by a collection of lipids (fatty substances) – and about 40% of those protective lipids are ceramides.

Moisture retention is a primary role of ceramides. Most people instinctively know what happens when their skin becomes dry. Maintaining the structural and biochemical integrity of the outer and inner skin layers is of upmost importance for youthful, healthy skin.

phytoceramides supplements

Natural aging and environmental factors contribute to degrading the integrity of the outer skin layer.

Remember that the outer skin cells are protected by the lipid layer that is mostly comprised of ceramides. Loss of skin moisture and washing off the skin oil attack that protective layer.

Research has found that plant derived ceramides plays other important roles throughout the body including acting as a trigger for initiating cell death. Conversely, ceramides are also instrumental with triggering skin cell growth.

The problem all people face is ceramides production naturally starts to decline with age; hence, the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and drier skin that is thinner with advancing age.

Ceramides supplements in the form of phytoceramides extract supplements work to replace your declining ceramides levels. You can find ceramides ingredients made from wheat and rice.

Phytoceramides plant derived capsules

Bioganix phytoceramides capsules use rice as the source for their pure phytoceramides extract. This product and others refer to the “patented Oryza formula.” You will only see this for rice-based phytoceramides anti-aging products.

There is a patent for using the actual rice species DNA sequence in the extract. Oryza is the rice genus name – in the off-chance you had a burning desire to know.

This distinction is important for you, the consumer, to know because it means the ingredients are standardized – not generic. You are assured of the integrity in each ceramides supplement.

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