What to Look-Out for When Using Yacon Syrup Extract

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Yacon Syrup Root Extract has caught the attention of millions of people searching for an effective weight loss solution. What you want to remember about this natural product is it is ideal for most people but not all people. That is not a bad thing though because it’s the same as with all natural supplements. You need to know as much as you can about any supplement you’re planning to use. What to look for when using Yacon root; side effects, what to expect once you being taking it and more.

Perhaps you have read about the benefits of Yacon root, the syrup or the extract in supplement form. As you may know, one benefit is the reduction in appetite. Yes, there is one particular effect in which a hormone is affected that helps reduce the hunger sensation. However, as far as expectations go, what actually happens is there is a reduction in the time required for food to travel your intestinal tract. Here’s why that happens…

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The number of studies is limited for Yacon Syrup and the exact mechanisms at play are not fully understood. For example, the sugar-like substance known as FOS, present in high amounts in Yacon root, is believed to cause the reduction in gastrointestinal transit time. What is interesting is FOS is considered a prebiotic which means it provides healthy nutrition for the good bacteria in the gut. The proliferation of beneficial bacteria would suggest that food would be digested at a higher rate but that is not the case.

Does it Matter? Yacon Syrup, Raw or Extract

If you choose to take the syrup form of Yacon, you need to approach things differently. Consuming too much syrup can potentially cause digestive unpleasantness. Yacon in all forms is rich in soluble fiber and perhaps the syrup has a higher soluble fiber content. One side effect of too much fiber is excessive gas production. Other negative effects include general discomfort and diarrhea.

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The form of Yacon you consume requires different considerations. Eating the raw form of Yacon root will create a stronger diuretic effect. A diuretic is anything that causes the body to metabolize and pass water at a higher rate. That effect implies a greater frequency of urination. There are times when a diuretic is desirable for a limited time. If you eat a lot of raw Yacon, just be sure you are compensating by getting enough liquids throughout the day. Sufficient liquids, and mainly water, will prevent dehydration.

Yacon Root – Diabetes and Blood Sugar Disorders

All the available studies on Yacon root suggest important findings for people with diabetes and blood sugar conditions. As mentioned, Yacon is high in FOS – in fact 50% of Yacon root is comprised of FOS. This special type of sugar, though not technically a sugar in the normal sense, is not digested very easily.

The net result of Yacon root syrup or FOS is that it can be used without elevating blood sugar. Studies and doctors familiar with Yacon suggest that the plant may be useful for diabetics with managing their blood sugar levels. However, it is always best to consult with your doctor before using Yacon root extract, syrup or the raw form.

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