White Mulberries – The Many-talented Medicinal Herb

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White mulberries belong to a family of herbs originally cultivated in China for feeding silkworms. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) found many uses for the white mulberry leaves in the powdered form. Present day medical research has confirmed what TCM practitioners knew thousands of years ago.

White mulberries as ground leaves or mulberry extract have gained the most attention as a possible effective treatment for Type II diabetes. Cardiovascular treatments include high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

In order to understand how an herb is used for treating a variety of different conditions, you must realize that the key lies in how the herb is prepared. In the case of white mulberries, for example, it is often mixed as a powder in a safe alcohol solution. When mixed with an alcohol, the white mulberry leaf is pulverized so it can dissolve into solution.

Morus Alba and Cardiovascular Health

The genus-species name for white mulberries is Morus alba, and this is the type of mulberry plant that provides the specific medicinal benefits. As mentioned above, one of the cardiovascular benefits involves cholesterol. But there’s a bit more to the story.

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White mulberries extract has been scientifically shown to inhibit the progression of atherosclerosis. This condition involves the build-up of arterial and blood vessel plaque that is chemically based on cholesterol.

If you read medical news and information, then you know about good and bad cholesterol. The bad guy here is LDL or low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. White mulberries help prevent the oxidation of the bad cholesterol which in turn reduces the build-up of plaque on the inner walls of arteries.

The Natural Diabetic Medicine

Interestingly, white mulberries as an herbal diabetic medicine work much the same as standard medicines. Mulberry extract affect how fast dietary sugar is broken down within the digestive tract. The net effect is to cause the sugar to be metabolized at a much slower rate.

There’s always a cascading effect in the body and this also applies to sugar metabolism.

When the rate of sugar absorption slows down, then there’s no sugar spike as felt in the blood stream. And this helps maintain normal serum blood levels; keeping it in the desired range that’s considered safe.

There’s Much More to White Mulberry

Mulberry leaf benefits are wide-ranging and the various parts of the white mulberries bush are used for medicinal purposes. Chinese medical literature includes not only the leaves, but also branches, root bark and the fruit for medicinal uses.

Some preparations of white mulberries are edible. The fruit and leaves can be used in juices, for example. Aside from that, every other part of the white mulberry is dried for medicinal use whether externally or internally.

White mulberries plant leaves are rich in nutrients: sugars, flavonoids, proteins, steroids, and of course vitamins and minerals.

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